Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Recently I feel like I just can't get enough granola. I make a big batch and then some how it all disappears in a week or two. Its just so yummy with milk or yogurt for breakfast or with some raisins throw in for a quick snack. I just made a batch last night so hopefully it doesn't disappear too quickly this time.

I typically follow a recipe from the The Family Homestead. It's very tasty and simple. One of the only changes I make to the recipe is that I don't add the coconut, mostly because I never have any. Also, if you're interested in reducing the amount of honey and oil that you need, some applesauce can be used instead. There really are tons of granola recipes online so if this one doesn't strike your fancy you can always try other ones. The general process is typically very similar from one to the other.

You first mix up all of your ingredients in a bowl.

Then spread your mixture on some baking sheets and bake at 300 F. It usually takes about 45 minutes and its important that you stir it about every 15 minutes to make sure it cooks evenly. This is really the only slightly annoying part of the process since you have to be around to check it every so often.

Once it looks done you pull out the granola and let it cool. Then you gobble it all up. The end.

Running today: 2.1 miles

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