Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There are only a handful of edible wild plants that I can identify so I am quite the novice when it comes to foraging. However I do find a lot of enjoyment when I can locate the few plants I know. It's the ultimate in getting something for nothing. There is no garden to tend, nothing to plant or care for. It's just there and free for the taking.

As things are only just starting to trickle in from the garden I decided to look around my yard and see what I could find. I gathered some dandelion leaves to beef up my meager garden salad of baby lettuce thinnings, the top of the smallest, spiciest radish I've ever seen or tasted and an onion I pulled up early.

I then wandered to where I've seen stinging nettles grow before and picked a bunch of leaves (with gloves on of course!). These I cooked and threw in with some couscous. My husband can't tell the difference between nettles and any other cooked greens in recipes. They really are quite tasty and I hear they are very good for you.

Finally I walked over to the corner of the yard where lemon balm grows. I picked enough to make some tasty iced lemon balm tea to go with dinner.

Even though it's not much, it's enough to make me feel a bit accomplished and to add a little extra nutrition and variety to my dinner.

Is there anything that you enjoy foraging for?