Monday, June 21, 2010

Running Update

Recently I've been forgetting to add my running mileage to the bottom of my posts so I figure it's probably a good idea to record them now before I completely forget.

Friday 6/11- 2 miles
Saturday 6/12- 2.8 miles
Wednesday 6/16- 2 miles
Sunday 6/20- 3 miles

I haven't been keeping to a schedule or anything so I've been running fairly sporadically, which probably isn't the best thing for improving. I'm just not exactly sure how to change that. Sometimes it's hard to make running a priority when there are so many other things to do and then when I do have time for a run I tend to get lazy. Also, now that it's so hot out in the afternoon I've been doing more of my runs in the morning, but that makes it so easy for me to just roll over in bed and sleep for an extra hour instead of getting up. I should probably plan my runs, however making a plan and sticking to it are two different things. I don't think running on set days of the week would work for me. Maybe I just need to sit once week and plan out my runs for the next few days. Then I can work around things that are going on and make sure to fit in more runs. I may also be less inclined to be lazy if I've got it written down somewhere.

Any other ideas for getting in more runs and getting my butt out of bed in the mornings when I need to run?

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