Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Poo!!

I'm proud to share that I have been shampoo free for over a month now thanks to Brittany at Little Miss Scatterbrained. Check out her post on going Poo Free to learn more. In a nut shell, I decided to stop using shampoo because I heard that it's pretty harsh on your hair and strips away all of those nice healthy oils. Now to remove some of the excess oils from my hair, I just rub a little bit of baking soda into my scalp. I rinse that out and then I rinse with apple cider vinegar diluted with water.

For about the first 2 weeks my hair was uber gross and oily because my head was in over-production mode since it's used to having to keep up with me constantly stripping away all of the oils with shampoo. But after about 2 weeks my head figured things out, stopped producing so much oil and things got a lot less gross. Now I can actually go a few days without washing my hair and it doesn't get greasy.

All in all, I'm loving that I don't have to buy shampoo ever again. In addition to saving me a few bucks, it's better for my hair and I'm not exposing myself or the environment to all of the chemicals and other additives in shampoo. Plus, if you think about all the energy that goes into making the shampoo, packaging it, transporting it and then storing it on a shelf in a building with air conditioning/heating and lights it's really saving a lot of resources to skip the shampoo. In comparison, baking soda is cheap, I don't have to use much at all on my hair and since I buy a giant box that I use for all sorts of things like cleaning, it lasts a really long time and there isn't much packaging.

If you're interested I think you should totally give it a try. Just stay in there past the 2 week gross part- it gets much better.

Monday: 2.1 miles
Today: 4 miles!!!