Saturday, June 12, 2010


I finally got around to making some of the popcorn that I got at the bulk foods store. This was the first time that I've ever made popcorn that doesn't involve using a microwave although I have seen my mom make it this way. My husband helped me and since we both didn't really know what we were doing, it was pretty exciting. We put some vegetable oil into the pot and then threw in a small handful of popcorn kernels. We didn't know how much it'd make so we decided not to put in too much. You can imagine our surprise when we took off the lid and the pot was completely full. After we had everything in the pot we put the lid on and turned up the heat. Every few minutes I'd shake the pot to stir it around. We both jumped when the first kernel popped. After all of the popping sounds stopped we removed it from the heat. I sprinkled a little salt on top and it was done. All in all it probably took well under 10 minutes to make this whole pot of popcorn.

The popcorn was delicious, even my husband who really doesn't like popcorn loved this stuff. I'm going to have to make this more often. Not only is it delicious even without adding any butte, but it doesn't have all of the weird unknown substances that microwave popcorn does. It's also pretty cost effective. I got a 3 pound bag of kernels for under $2 and we hardly used any of it for this big batch. I'm hooked.


  1. Making popcorn in the pot like that is SO much better than the micro stuff. Air popping is also really good - just add some EVOO and a sprinkle of salt, and delicious. That giant pot of pop corn looks super yummy!!

    I've actually sworn off micro popcorn since I read that there's a chemical on the inside of the bag that can potentially lead to infertility!! Scary!

  2. Oh man, I never knew there might be a connection between microwave popcorn and infertility! I am definitely staying away from that stuff now!