Saturday, April 16, 2011

Early Spring Garden Pics

Here are the pictures that I promised. Nothing super exciting since it's still so early in the season but things are getting there.

These are some of the seedlings that I've got under my grow lights. They are mostly peppers and tomatoes that I'll be transplanting into larger containers once I stop feeling so lazy.

Here are zucchini, yellow squash, and cucumbers. They are all between one and four days old, which almost makes me angry since they are already bigger than some of my month old broccoli plants. But I get to eat these guys too so I'm really not that angry, mostly just impressed.

And here are some of my tomatoes that are a bit further along than those above. They are now too tall for my grow lights so have to hang out by the window. I'm in the process of gradually hardening them off so pretty soon they'll be outside full time anyway.

This is a picture of the garlic that I planted last fall. It over wintered just fine and is flourishing now. It's really the most impressive thing that I've got going so far.

Peas here. Cute beautiful little pea plants.

I know this picture isn't all that exciting but I transplanted my kale and broccoli into this bed. I'm very antsy for them to get bigger. I'm a little impatient. Can you tell?

Last but not least are my surprise onions. Last year as an afterthought I transplanted a bunch of onions around the garden but they really didn't do too well and I forgot about them. Early this spring, however, they started popping up all over the place. A very cool surprise in my opinion.

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